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RAD-SCA-HOMEPATROLTexoma Scanner is the one and only radio scanner enthusiast website serving all of Texoma. We monitor Texoma Public Safety radio communications out of personal entertainment and to keep our local communities safe from crime and unforeseen dangers. We also monitor Lake Texoma and both the public safety and recreational radio communications keeping everything moving right so vacationers and tourists can have a great vacation or holiday at the lake. 

We are a radio scanning community who enjoy the hobby of scanners, shortwave radio, some forms of amateur and GMRS radio and like to discuss the hobby and share information, experience, tips & tricks with each other. We also want to keep our scanning finds in a centralized place so that others won't have to navigate through tons of search results to find the frequencies used locally. 

Texoma Regional Public Safety Scanner Stream

Our live scanner stream is being broadcast 24/7 using Shoutcast. This stream can be heard using xiialive (android) and on iTunes (Apple) as well as on the Shoutcast web page or through this website itself.  The stream is scanning the most active Police, Fire & EMS channels used in Cooke, Fannin, Grayson and Lamar counties within the Texoma region.

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Major Structure Fire – Whitewright Texas

 By Kim Burdi - Herald Democrat

WHITEWRIGHT — Seventeen fire departments responded to a large fire at the Royal Case Co. plant in Whitewright Saturday. It was a tri-county effort to extinguish the fire, which included fire departments from Grayson, Collin and Fannin counties.

The first call came in at 5:05 a.m. Saturday morning. The fire was not extinguished until five hours later. Two of the four buildings in the 120 block of E, Grand Avenue were affected by the fire. No injuries were reported.

Whitewright Mayor Allen West received a text about the fire at 5:08 a.m. The text was almost immediately followed by a phone call from the police officer on duty, the retired firefighter said.

“When I first got here, there was smoke coming out at the seams, gables and trim,” West said. “This morning, the hardest thing was keeping people out of the hazardous areas.”

West said he was able to help command the firefighters who were battling the fire from the rear of buildings. He said he was there to give them more guidance and help where he was needed. Grayson County Fire Marshal Kevin Walton said it was a tough fire to battle because the building housed a plastics manufacturing plant. He said the plant manufactured a variety of plastic products, such as plastic containers to protect equipment. Walton said he has not been able to determine the cause of the fire. The site was “too hot” to start the investigation on Saturday so he will return on Sunday morning to start his investigation. There is an employee who is responsible for turning on the equipment at 3 a.m. for the Saturday shift in the manufacturing plant, Walton said. The employee left and came back when the other people were coming into work.

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TNT Television’s Cold Justice vs. Fannin County Sheriff’s Office ….

policefannincountdadf934So if you're a resident of Fannin County Texas or even surrounding and you are on Facebook, you have probably seen the endless articles and posts being circulated about the Hit TNT Television show Cold Justice wanted to take a look at the Jeniffer Harris "open" homicide here in Fannin County.  You are seeing the drama unfold of the reluctance of Sheriff Donnie Foster cooperating with the show to allow their investigative team to examine the evidence and quite possibly solve the case. And if you are like myself, you are outraged that Sheriff Foster is refusing to work with the production.  Is this a cover up? Well that's the gossip ... They don't want this TV crew to come in because they'll find a plot to cover the crime up because the evidence was tampered with and the crime mis investigated. 

I see a few problems that a lot of people just refuse to look at. First off, I believe any law man whether it's the Sheriff of Fannin county or a Texas Ranger. Both want this case closed with a solved flag on it. But I think the Sheriff's office just doesn't trust a TV show to first be able to solve the case and second, even handle the evidence correctly. Maybe also the Sheriff's office has evidence which has not been revealed to the public, this is common in many cases. By Cold Justice having access to the evidence, anything that may be secret will no longer be. Police often with hold evidence from the public for a variety of reasons and none of which are corrupt.  And last, as I understand Jennifer Harris was found in the Red River. Texas Stops at the Red River, anything beyond the north bank of the Red River is the jurisdiction of Oklahoma. So if this is in deed the case, the Homicide investigation is the responsibility of the State of Oklahoma and Fannin County is only investigating the disappearance. Why's this not on Channel-12 news?

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Ventrilo Stream

ventrilo Hosting by InstantVentrilo.com

What’s on the Ventrilo Stream?




So basically we have two scanners using the Ventrilo VoIP stream. East and West Texoma. To listen to the Ventrilo stream you first must download and install Ventrilo either on you're desktop, laptop or Android wireless device. I think you can also use a variation of Ventrilo for your iPhone but there is NO blackberry or Windows mobile support at this time.  For PC support see the Ventrilo support page to learn how to set it up (It's really easy).

So without going into major channel details, the West Texoma channel pretty much stream Cooke & Grayson County Public Safety. The East Texoma stream is handling Lamar, Delta & Hunt counties. Both channels share Bonham/Fannin County. 

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