I have lost the dream .... The dream of being a radio scanning community specifically for the Texoma area.


It's something that just isn't going to happen, The creation of a radio scanning community for the Texoma region. It's just not there anymore. I realize that radio reference and broadcastify are too big to contend with and that small regional web portals and communities just can't survive unless they have the backing of radio reference.

Well I am going to pull the plus! They win, I lose. 

The live stream will cease to exist when the server time expires later this spring. The vent stream was only paid for, for a month so it will drop off soon as well. I'd like to thank those who listened but it's not cost affective for us to stream to one or two people and I guess Texoma just isn't all that exciting to listen to.

I will be killing the twitter feed tonight and expiring the Facebook page soon as well.

God bless

Texoma Scanner